We were as sad as you and your pups were when we could no longer get beef toenails from the manufacturer. We knew we had to find something that would replace these extremely popular chew treats, and we think we did a fine job of it!

Introducing, Water Buffalo Horns! These treats are very long lasting, and nearly odorless. They are not as hard or as long lasting as say an elk antler, but they are a close second!


From the Open Range website:

Our Water Buffalo Horns are the keratin sheath that covers the bone component of the horn. Keratin is a tough protein that when chewed turns slightly gummy. These horns are a perfect treat that will make your pet happy and satisfied.

Have your pups tried the new water buffalo horns yet? What’s the consensus? Leave your feedback in the comments below!

To learn more about Water Buffalo Horns, please visit the Open Range blog post all about them!