Welcome to our brand new, “Featured Furkid” blog feature! Each month we would like to introduce you all to one of our furry clients here at the Copperfield Tail Blazers. We think they deserve a little fame – AND we’d like to get to know them a little better. We love our clients, so this feature has us beaming with pride!

For the month of February, we would like you all to meet, SCOUT!

About Scout: Scout is a beautiful, 2.5 year old pint-sized Border Collie! She eats, breathes, and sleeps Frisbee! She has been known however, to put down her flying disk and join her parents for a hike, or a swim when the weather permits. Even though she’s a super athlete, she also has a softer side… She loves to snuggle with dad on the couch.

Scout’s Picks: Apparently, Scout has a lot of favourite goodies, but she has narrowed it down for us. Since it’s dental health month, Scout chose the Bold Raw frozen turkey necks and Puppy Love bully sticks for tasty treats that help keep her chompers healthy. And, of course, she loves her Chuck-It Zipflight.

On behalf of all of us at the Copperfield Tail Blazers, we would like to THANK YOU SCOUT for shopping with us! We have loved getting to know you, and we hope we get to continue to watch you grow and thrive!


Would you like your pet to be one of our featured furkids? Send us an email, along with the following info about your pet(s):

1. Name
2. ~Age
3. Breed or Mix if you know
4. Favourite goodies from our store (please include the brand if you can so we can tell others about it!)
5. Favourite activity or hobby
6. 1-2 Photos of your furkid (these should only be photos you own the copyright to i.e. you took them)

Feel free to include more than one pet in your email and we can choose one as long as all the info is there for each pet.

We are sorry but this particular feature is for our in-store customers only. We would like to show you off and thank you for being our customers! We will have other upcoming activities that will include all our fans and followers!