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There are a lot of benefits to giving bones to your dogs, but there are also risks. You need to size them appropriately. When you choose your bone, be sure that the hole is not perfectly sized for this catastrophe, and be sure it's also not perfectly sized to lodge in your dog's throat.

Each dog chews differently too, so if your dog is known for swallowing things whole, bones may not be for them.

Most people we assist with choosing bones don't have their dogs with them, and we don't know their chewing habits so the final decision is yours. You know your dog best!

ABOVE ALL, the best prevention to accidents like this is supervising. Never leave your dog unattended with any chew. You wouldn't leave a small child alone next to a pool, or ban pools from your child's life, you just supervise them!

We feel like the benefits outweigh the risks if bones are chosen appropriately, but that decision is up to each pet parent. Brushing their teeth or using a spray product like Leba are other preventative options (although they will not provide the endorphine release or keep your dog busy).

Finally, femur bones are not our favourite; you can choose rib bones or neck bones instead for bones that are less hard, but still provide some of the benefits. Femur bones are fantastic for making homemade bone broth!
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